Universal Workout Resistance Band

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These workout bands are a great way to build strength and flexibility without the gym.

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Getting fitter is not just about hitting the road, it’s also about the right nutrition, sleep and building strength.  These easy to use resistance bands use our body weight and natural movement complimented by the bands to build strength without having to go to a gym.

Made of tough latex, these bands will give you the focused work out you need without leaving your home.

To purchase, simply the select the color that corresponds to the level of resistance you wish to work with.

For women starting their journey back to active health, the green or blue would be generally recommended, and for men it would be the blue/yellow. If you are already moderately active, then you should move up a color to give yourself more of a challenge.

Universal Workout Resistance BandUniversal Workout Resistance BandUniversal Workout Resistance Band


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