About the team

Healthy Runner at its core is made up of brothers in law Ken & Peter both living in Cork on the south coast of Ireland. 

Love of Running

Peter would describe himself as an enthusiastic hobbyist when it comes to running. As child he ran track & cross country and as he got older, got into marathons and trail running, but the love of running has never left him. Getting up early to hit the open road and to feel the fresh air in his face is the ultimate energy hit that his sustained him through life. 

Ken was a relative latecomer to running having competed successfully in Judo for many years. Having studied personal training and various other disciplines, he brings an indepth knowledge on how the body works, moves and responds. Since his first train run over 10 years ago (which he claims nearly killed him!), he has never looked and has competed and placed in manytrail and endurance running events.

Sharing the benefits of running for a healthy life

As society has become more ‘sophisticated’ it moves further and further away from what the body was naturally designed to do – MOVE! We want to educate people in an easy to understand way the benefits of active functional movement and more specifically the benefits of running, not just to be fitter but to gain a healthy more fulfilled life.

What we want to achieve

The purpose of the site is simple and that is to get people who don’t run out from their homes and start moving. And, if you do run, let us help you to improve so you get even more benefits from this natural simple activity.

All the best,

Peter & Ken 
Healthy Runners

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