10K Training Plan

Simple 10K Training Plan

Simple 10K Training Plan for Everyone

Welcome to your 10-Week 10K training program. The 10K is a popular race distance and it is the logical next goal that many runners set after they have run the 5K distance. As with any running plan, completing the 10K distance requires both patience and perseverance, but you can do it.

Running is a sport of setting goals, and then setting out to achieve those goals. This plan will consist of “Easy” days, where you will run for a prescribed number of minutes at a very easy pace, “Fast days,” where you will attempt to achieve target times, which will help to strengthen your legs, increase your stamina, and prepare you mentally for your race, and “Long distance days,” which will prepare you for covering the 10K distance.

The plan will list three running days per week, but feel free to add a fourth day of running if you feel up to it. On the days in between, a brisk walk will keep your muscles loose. And, always stretch for at least 10 minutes, both before and after your workout. Finally, drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated.

Whatever your pace may be, part of your goal-setting should be a target time. On Day 1 of Week 1, you will establish your target time from the time you achieved in your 5K race. If you haven’t raced, go out and run a 5K on your own, establishing your base time from there. This simple fact, gives you a measurable target, which is great for helping you stay motivated.

Now, let’s proceed with your 10K running program.
Good luck!

Week 1
Day 1-Establish a baseline. On your first day, try to determine your fitness level. Let’s say you have run your first 5K in a time of 34:00, an 11-minute per mile pace. The following plan will work from that 11-minute pace. If your race time was 10, 12, or 15 minutes per mile, you can adjust your baseline from those times. Today, try a 2 mile (or 3K) at an 11:30 a mile pace. This is called a tempo run. It is the type of run that makes you work hard, but not as hard as you do in a race. Jog for about 3 minutes to warm up prior to the run, then jog for 3 minutes to cool down after the run
Day 2-Run for 25 minutes at a relaxed pace
Day 3-3 miles (5K) In a time of around 48:00

Week 2
Day 1-25 minutes-relaxed, easy pace
Day 2-Tempo Run-Jog for 3 minutes; run 2 miles , (3K) in 22:40; jog 3-minute cooldown
Day 3-3.7 mile (6K) run-Increasing your distance capacity
Week 3
Day 1-30 minutes-relaxed pace
Day 2-Today you will run a speed workout. In a speed workout, you run shorter distances at or faster than your race pace. Speed workouts increase your lung capacity and strengthen your legs. Also, they are excellent confidence-boosters. Find a local track, or a flat road. Jog for 3 minutes, then run 1600 meters, four times around the track, (1 mile) in a time of 11:00. Then, slowly jog twice around the track for 800-meters (½ mile), then try to run another 1600 meters in the same time, or a little faster. Complete the workout with a 3 minute jog cooldown.
Day 3-Run 4.3 miles (7K)
Week 4
Day 1-30 minutes-relaxed pace
Day 2-Another speed workout. Today, after your warmup, you will run 800-meters (½ mile) four times, jogging 400-meters (¼ mile) between each. Aim for a time of 5:25 for each 800-meters. Finish with a 3 minute cooldown
Day 3-Run 5 miles (8K)

Week 5
Day 1-30 minutes-relaxed pace
Day 2-3 mile Tempo run, same as week 2, aim for 22:00
Day 3-5K-Faster than your race. We are basing your training at an 11-minute per mile pace, so for this run you want to aim for approximately 33:00. You can adjust your time according to your 5K race pace

Week 6
Day 1-30 minute relaxed pace run
Day 2-Same speed workout as Week 3, except try to run 3×1600-meters (1 mile) at an 11:00 pace
Day 3-5 miles (8K) Aim for a faster pace than in Week 4
Week 7
Day 1-30 minutes of running at an easy pace
Day 2-3 minute jog, 3.7 miles (6K) faster than your 5K race pace
Day 3-5.6 mile (9K) run
Week 8
Day 1-30 minutes of running at an easy pace
Day 2-4 mile Tempo run-44:00
Day 3-6 mile run
Week 9
Day 1-30 minutes of running at an easy pace
Day 2-Speed workout-4×800 meters-5:20 for each, jog 400 meters in between, 3 minute cooldown
Day 3-6 mile run
Week 10
Day 1-30 minutes of running at an easy pace
Day 2-20 minutes of easy running
Day 3-15 minutes of easy running
Day 4-Your 10K race

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